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Everything About Citrine Meaning, Birthstone, Price, and Healing Properties

Are you also nature-inspired and want to keep a piece of sunshine beauty with you? Then, you have landed on the right page, as we are here to tell you everything about Citrine Gemstone. Affordable and fashionable, the warm yellow shades of the gem captivates anyone who lays their eyes on it.  The allure of the crystal reminds you of aspen trees in fall – reflecting a vivid orange-yellow hue that blows away your mind and leaves you with refreshing energy. For a nature lover who loves to celebrate elegance in simplicity, nothing is better than the brilliant, energizing shade of Citrine Jewelry. And, if you are new to the crystal, let us remind you that its charm doesn’t restrict and ends with just physical beauty.  You can celebrate its magnificent qualities for all things good and use its potent energy to benefit you. Here are some of the top qualities of the crystal that can make anyone fall in love with the gem’s beauty.

Citrine Gemstone Meaning

Citrine Gemstone Meaning is quite evident by both its name and appearance. The name comes from the French word Citron, which denotes lemons or citrus fruits. The name stands up with its orange-lemony look and justifies its meaning. While talking about the physical composition, it is a quartz mineral, the second-most abundant in earth’s crust, and is usually not considered rare. Yet, Natural Citrine is indeed rare these days as today most of the Citrine is Amethyst heat-treated. Since they both are quartz, they can grow in bi-color, which we call Ametrine.

Historical Significance of Citrine Gemstone

Before Citrine came to get adored for its use in Gemstone Jewelry, people loved its usage in tools, weapons, and other such purposes for thousands of years. Its discovery in Scotland inspired weapon makers, and it was adorned in dagger handles. Some were so enamored with the gem’s beauty that they made the dagger blade from a single Citrine Crystal. Also, in ancient Greece and Egypt, its meaning was associated with burials, and people used to believe that it provided protection and happiness in the afterlife. Citrine Historical Significance varies from culture to culture and holds multiple meanings according to changing beliefs. 
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The intense orange-yellow shades of Citrine hold significant meaning and significance in Eastern traditions as well. The color symbolizes saffron, considered auspicious and associated with spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Therefore, many people include color in their spiritual practices and rituals to define prosperity and mental peace. Since then, Citrine meaning is also associated with inner peace and calm, and people started appraising it in various jewelry pieces like rings, pendants, earrings, and much more.

Birthstone Benefits 

If you are a November-born baby, consider yourself lucky as you enjoy the vibrant beauty of Citrine Birthstone Jewelry. What is a better way to celebrate November Birthdays than with a shine of warming energy from Citrine Birthstone? Personifying happiness, the distinct amber hues of the gem instill positivity, growth, and success in its wearer. The crystal’s bright energy radiates the sun’s potent powers, allowing you to shine brighter in your birth month and whenever you need it. November Birthstone Jewelry fills in your life with enough warmth in the winter chills and helps you feel comfortable.  People adore Birthstone Jewelry to enrich and engage with the healing energies of different gemstones and get unique benefits through it. Wearing it regularly and keeping it close to your body allows you to absorb the high vibrational energy of colored crystals and thus is adorned widely among gemstone lovers. Another reason the concept of wearing Birthstone Jewelry is gaining colossal acceptance is its unique symbolism and personification. They say that jewels are a representation of your individual personality. Thus, you must carefully select those accessories that aptly describe your personality well and match your vibe. Birthstones represent an individual’s personality and are unique in nature. This helps its wearer to stand out and make a statement in front of others. Thus, people love their respective birthstones as they carry a special meaning to their individuality and add a beautiful charm. 

How to Wear Citrine Birthstone Jewelry

  • Because the Metal is Important 

The best to wear any Birthstone Jewelry is by pairing it with a durable metal so you can easily carry it regularly. This is why we always suggest you choose pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry for all those gems you want to shine with regularly. The metal’s multiple benefits and properties make it an irreplaceable option. Starting with its durability, Sterling Silver is quite durable in nature and is also resistant to daily wear scratches, which makes it easy to wear all the time. Another advantage is that its silvery sheen is subtle enough to blend in with every color and any attire. Thus, you can pair it off with any and everything you wish.  Also, Sterling Silver is much more economical in pricing, which allows you to remain tension-free about it getting lost. Other options like gold or platinum can cost you a fortune, and you might not be comfortable in carrying them daily because of the fear of misplacing them or someone stealing them. 
  • Keep Your Crystal Close

Another significant factor you must check is that the crystal must remain intact with your skin, regardless of the type of accessory you choose for yourself. Thus, if you want to wear Citrine regularly, you must select an accessory that remains in constant touch with your skin. Nothing can beat the advantages of wearing a Citrine Ring in this case. It is the type that is super-easy to carry anywhere with minimum inputs of effort. Also, since there is no obligation or hindrance of your clothes or attires, gem remains close to your body. 

Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Citrine Birthstone Jewelry

You can find some of the remarkable design of Sterling Silver Citrine Birthstone Jewelry for yourself that reflects the warm and rustic autumn hues. Keep your style up by upgrading to a glamorous stone and becoming the town’s talk. One benefit of wearing Citrine Jewelry is that you consistently glow in the golden energy of the crystal, allowing your shine to sparkle bright. Glitter in the sunshine with the Sterling Silver Citrine November Birthstone Jewelry when the sun dulls. 
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Also, it is filled with numerous positive attributes that help an individual grow to a higher level. Bring mental peace and emotional steadiness, increase self-awareness and attract positivity and abundance to your life with the Citrine Jewelry. It is believed to be the bearer of the sun’s energy and symbolizes positivity, hope, happiness, and growth. Exude confidence in every style and dazzle everyone with your unique style. 

What is the Value of Natural Citrine? 

The Citrine Cost varies per carat, just like any other gemstone. Also, the worth of any gemstone is determined through numerous factors, which include its cut, clarity, color, and genuineness. Whether the crystal is natural or heat treated will also affect the overall pricing and value of Citrine Gemstone. Because of their eye-catching appeal, Citrine Gemstones are cut to maximize brilliance, and darker color tones fetch a higher price. Similarly, gems that hold high clarity and are free from any inclusions have higher pricing. Since dark-colored crystals are rare to find and have high demand in the market among jewelry enthusiasts, the worth of Citrine Gemstones significantly increases.  In the case of Citrine, people adore dark orange tones, which stand apart and easily capture the attention of the onlookers in seconds. Its vivid color is why people love its beauty so much; thus, their prices rise significantly because of high demand and less supply. 

Healing Benefits of Citrine

Citrine Gemstone is studded with numerous healing properties that help its wearer to benefit from its potent energy. Furthermore, the yellow-orange shades of Citrine are synonymous with sunshine, hope, and happiness. Thus, the gem is directly linked with positivity and liveliness, which is why ancient people used it to bring prosperity to their lives. Famed by the name – The success stone, Citrine Jewelry holds power to attract abundance in all fields, especially business.  Talking about Citrine Metaphysical Properties, it helps cleanse the chakra and open up a window of intuition, creating a greater sense of alertness and strong spiritual connection. It activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra in our body. This awakens one’s abilities for creativity and manifestation. It allows you to be wiser and more observant towards the basics. A continuous and direct touch with the gem allows its energies to flow freely through your body and further spread into your solar plexus, enhancing your willpower. It forces you to spread your outlook on future possibilities and opportunities rather than just getting stuck in a past situation.  Also Read:- Write for us Technology Also Read:- technology write for us Also Read:- write for us tech The healing properties of Citrine don’t just end here. It is said to hold enormous power and have cleansing properties that eliminate negativity from your life. Also, it can store solar energy, which acts as an usher guiding you with its light in the right direction. By attracting wealth, it is a perfect choice for bankers, business owners, treasurers, and all those who aim for higher standards in their life. They are also excellent for communication and ensure that you aptly put your thoughts out in front. Ensuring a perfect start to a new relationship, it balances multiple aspects of your life. 

Styling Citrine Jewelry

The stone’s supreme magnificence provides a glamorous look that takes away your heart in a whiff. Since the gem is quite affordable and durable, it is fun to style it most elegantly. For women seeking a variety and budget-friendly options to ace their look, you can effectively choose Citrine accessories, no matter the occasion. Here’s a list of all those picks that you must have in your jewelry box. 
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Citrine Earrings

A pair of gleaming Citrine Earrings are a real showstopper. Adding grace and a golden glow to your face, they help you add a finishing touch to your look. The glorious yellow gem looks excellent in small pieces of adornment on your earlobes and lifts up your style subtly. You can choose simple studs, danglers, or hoops according to your attire. You can easily pull it off with different colored outfits, increasing its popularity. Try and experiment with your style and set new trends in jewelry fashion.

Citrine Necklace

The enticing sunshine-hued gem looks extraordinarily glamorous in the form of a Citrine Necklace. Make a statement with the vibrant color and energy of the yellow-orange neck piece that is sure to stand out from the rest. It is sure to turn heads whether you are going for a date night, cocktail party, or any other much-awaited social event. 

Citrine Ring

Citrine Rings in different styles ensure that you grab the spotlight wherever you go. It is a perfect choice to carry everywhere you go. Right from business meetings, casual gatherings, or late-night special parties, it is a must-have for all the fashion-forward women out there.  Conclusion We hope that the bright energy of our Citrine Gemstone has also left you tempted by its beauty. If yes, then don’t wait any longer. Explore the rich collection of Citrine Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry and get yourself a piece that resonates with your style. Have a happy shopping experience.  Author bio: Hello, I am a professional SEO Expert & Write for us Technology blog and submit a guest posts on different platforms- we provides a good opportunity for content writers to submit guest posts on our website. We frequently highlight and tend to showcase guests.
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