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Fashion Write for us Guest Posting Guidelines

We accept original content, very well-researched and high-quality content. Once you submit your content for publishing to fashiontrendbox, our editors will review it to ensure that it is in line with our publishing policy. Main Point to consider when writing includes:

Original content: Your content must be original and free of plagiarism. We do not publish duplicate content that has been published on other websites.

Grammar: Check your content for grammatical errors & spelling mistakes before submitting it.

Word count: We publish posts ranging from 1000 words to 5,000 words.

Photos: Attach a high-resolution image that should be posted along with your article. We prefer photos in JPEG & PNG format max size is 100kb per image.

Tone: Article tone may range from casual to professional tone. Whichever tone you choose for your post, ensure that it remains consistent throughout the post. An informal tone is preferable for blog-like articles while a formal tone for tutorials and trending posts.

Document format: We accept guest posts in the format of Microsoft word document, Google documents & direct post your article on the website.

Title, headlines, and subheading: Include a catchy heading for your post. Breakdown the article into smaller sections with headlines, subheadings & images.

Ensure that your article is in line with our guest post guidelines provided above. Carefully proofread the article and send a final draft along with images to us. When sending the final draft include the short author’s bio.

Send your post idea’s or sample blog post to writeforus@fashiontrendbox.com

Contribute to our fashion blog by writing: We are always on the lookout for fresh people to contribute to the write for us fashion blog. We are interested in hearing about your strategy if you believe it has the potential to both stimulate the minds of our audience members and propel the development of our sector forward. But you don’t have to wait around for an innovation that will make fashion completely obsolete. You should just seek to present readers with a new viewpoint on a subject that is keeping you awake at night and add information that is actionable for our readers, and you will be set to go.

Guidelines for the submission of general articles:

Only fashion and jewelry, beauty products, and shopping will be accepted.

Over 800 Words

Absolutely no advertising content!

The writing of the article ought to be of a refined caliber. completed a thorough check of the grammar and punctuation.

Content that is 100% original, free of any instances of plagiarism, and has not been published anywhere else.

If necessary, we have the right to make changes to the content that you have supplied to us at any time.

The content that is presented to users ought to be useful, instructive, and actionable.

Post an article as a Guest Blogger on a Topic Related to Fashion:

Tutorials and reference manuals

Instructional manuals and other types of hands-on guidance for people and companies in the market for fashion goods

Opinionated writings


Make sure to submit us any articles you’ve written that are associated with the following categories:

– Charmingness

– Bijouterie

– The Fashion

– Mode of living

– Items Available

It is essential that you read through some of our older posts to get a feel for our writing style before you send us your idea for a fashion guest blog post. You will gain a deeper comprehension of the typical forms of content that we employ as a result of reading this. You’ll have a better chance of getting your post approved if you do this since you’ll be able to modify your concept to conform to our tone and aesthetic.

The following are some of the reasons why you should use a guest post site:

Your posts will be shared on my various social media platforms.

We will assist you in increasing the traffic to your website as well as your keyword ranking

We are going to perform SEO on that particular post.

That webpage of yours After I post new material on my website, my domain authority and page rank will both go up.

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The Latest in Fashion for Both Men and Women Write for us, please.

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Do you like to write about the most recent fashion trends or offer your thoughts and opinions about fashion and style?

All of the fashion auteurs who are interested in being a member of the Fashiontrendbox bloggers network may take use of an incredible platform that is being provided by Fashiontrendbox. Pay close attention to our instructions in order to guarantee that your article will be accepted.

This is an excellent platform for fashion bloggers or anybody else who is interested in fashion to expose their thoughts to a larger audience, which will, in turn, drive traffic to the bloggers’ own sites.

The blogs featured on FashionTrendBox cover a wide variety of subjects relating to the fashion industry. In addition to providing you with the extraordinary possibility of making a contribution to the fashion community, the posting of your articles and blogs on this website will assist you in reaching out to a new audience and facilitating the dissemination of your one-of-a-kind ideas.

The following are some of the advantages of posting your guest article on fashiontrendbox:

We are able to reach a large audience because we have 5000 contacts in our database, and these contacts are shared through a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, emailers, and others.
Our blog features fresh commentary on current fashion trends and is updated on a daily basis.
We are searching for high-quality writing that incorporates fresh and original concepts.
You might write on the following topics:

Fashion Lifestyle Beauty
Before beginning to write the guest post, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Find out where you fit in:

To write well about topics such as fashion, beauty, and style demands a significant amount of time and commitment. You need to keep up with the most recent fashion trends, pay attention to events that are relevant to fashion, and have the capacity to express oneself in a way that is both clear and beautiful.

Length of the article and its quality:

Word counts for articles should range between 500 and 800. Any article that is significantly less than 800 words will not be considered for publication. Additionally, it must to offer a comprehensive treatment of the issue. At the same time, we would like to request that you supply original write-ups so that they can be submitted. We will not accept any blogs that are not completely original or that contain passages that have been taken from other sources. Additionally, original concepts would be given priority consideration.


If you could submit any photographs along with your article, that would be greatly appreciated. Include pictures that are the ideal embodiment of your thoughts, and don’t forget to give credit where it’s due.

Interact with other readers in the comment section:

Through the use of comments, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversation with users and respond to any questions they may have concerning your post. This will assist you in growing the number of people who read your work.

If you have read the criteria and comprehended them in their entirety, it is time for you to start sharing your guest blog articles and allowing your thoughts to be exposed to thousands of people that are interested in fashion.


At this time, we are not collecting any fees from the writers in any way. The link-exchange concept is currently being worked on by our team. You are need to publish the piece in your official blog, giving us full credit while also providing backlinks to our website. You can see the link exchange for the guest article underneath the author’s bio.
Additionally, you are needed to share the content across all of your social media platforms within seven days of the article’s publication date, using the hashtag fashiontrendbox. (#fashiontrendbox) in the post’s title.
If we discover that the post has not been shared, we reserve the right to remove the content from our network of bloggers, block the hyperlinks, and take other appropriate action. In addition, we reserve the right to do some light moderation or make some minor edits to the content in order to make it conform to the standards of our platform.