Amethyst Meaning, Birthstone, Cost, Healing Properties

Radiating luxury and timeless elegance, Amethyst is the perfect choice for everyone who likes to keep their style on point. Someone with an eye for something unusual and stylish will love Amethyst Jewelry for its vivid purple tones. Be it rings, earrings, or necklaces, the gem glitters in eye-capturing sparkle that will bound you to fall for its luxurious appeal. Finally, if you are someone who doesn’t hesitate to flaunt unconventional styles and believes in setting new benchmarks in jewelry fashion, your hunt ends here. Let us introduce you to one of the most versatile Gemstone Jewelry that is not just restricted to acing your style but also holds numerous properties that will make it your favorite pick. Read the article to learn about amethyst- meaning, birthstone, cost, and healing properties.  

Amethyst Crystal Meaning 

Before starting off with the advantages and features of the gem, it is vital to know what does amethyst mean? To simplify, it is a semi-precious crystal that is adorned in jewelry pieces for its beautiful color blend of red and purple, creating a unique hue. You can spot Amethyst Crystals in multiple shades; each stone is different from the others. The secret to this color variation lies in the composition of the gem. The quantity of iron and aluminum impurities within its structure decides its tint.  Working on the name of the crystal, Amethyst Meaning comes from the Greek word “Amethystos,” which means sober or not intoxicated. According to folklore, the gem holds excellent properties and helps its wearer have a sober or clear mind. Thus, it is a perfect choice for all those who face difficulties in making a choice or end up making bad decisions because of a lack of awareness. Eventually, as time passed, the stone’s exceptional color caught the eye of priests and aristocrats and became synonymous with prestige, power, and royalty.  Since purple dye was relatively rare during the period, its usage was restricted to only the upper-class members of society and was used by kings and queens only. Nevertheless, royal treasuries celebrated Amethyst for a long time and held a prominent place in the British, Egypt, and Russian empires.  

Amethyst History and Significance 

The purple wonder that we today adore in our hearts traces its roots back to ancient Greece. It holds a fascinating legend that improves its historical significance and today’s value. According to folklore, Dionysus, the God of Wine, was attracted to a maiden named Amethyst. After getting rejected for his advances, Dionysus gets blinded by rage and tries to get Amethyst killed. However, the goddess Artemis saved her by turning her into a white quartz statue, impervious to attack. After this, Dionysus realized his mistake and dropped tears on the statue. It resulted in tainting the statue with luxurious purple-red color, giving birth to the stone we call Amethyst.  This is the reason why people believe that the crystal holds mesmerizing properties and powers that can negate the symptoms of drunkenness. Later, Amethyst’s Historical Significance got associated with clarity of mind. This has contributed to an overall increase in Amethyst significance and added to the value enhancement of the stone. 
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Amethyst – The February Birthstone 

February isn’t just about hearts, love, and romance, but February Birthstone Amethyst is associated with love but also with power. The velvety purple gem adds oomph and sparkle to every attire you carry and is perfect for all occasions. So, if you are born in the month of love, consider yourself lucky to have Amethyst as your birthstone. Throughout history, the gem is believed to be filled with numerous positive attributes. So, if you wear it regularly as your Birthstone Jewelry, here are some of the virtues you can expect from the crystal.  Amethyst Symbolism is associated with peace, enhanced memory, and boosted confidence. It helps sync thoughts with life goals to stay focused and attain your long-term targets easily. February-born people can wear the crystal to protect themselves from multiple diseases and gain victory by facilitating wisdom. Of course, February Birthstone Meaning is synonymous with love and passion. The bold tones and perfectly blended combination of red and purple color in the stone clearly state its nature and that it is worth celebrating by carrying it regularly.  Make your special one feel loved, and gift them a stunning design of Amethyst Earrings or any other accessory of your choice. This is the best way to cherish and grow your relationship fonder with each other. Also, it is a gift that will level up their confidence with its bold tones and statement-making appeal. So, if you were looking for a perfect Valentine’s Gift or were simply planning to surprise your loved one with something gorgeous, you got your answer. Also, it is a traditional gem for the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. So, if you have the chance to celebrate the occasion yourself, do not hesitate and fall back from purchasing Sterling Silver Jewelry studded with Amethyst. 

Amethyst Spiritual Benefits 

Amethyst Spiritual Meaning is associated with clarity of mind and helps individuals connect with themselves. This facilitates its wearer to communicate with themselves and rise above their essential self to acknowledge one’s own power and strengths. Also, it is associated with the third-eye chakra, the source of energy and wisdom. Many people believe that you can use amethysts to enhance or sharpen spiritual visions and enlightenment. You can place an Amethyst Crystal at your home to allow it to absorb negative energies and create an air of tranquility. 

Amethyst Healing Benefits

Amethyst is also believed to be studded with multiple healing properties that aid in physical and mental illness. The physical healing powers of amethyst can enhance the immune system of its wearer and improves endocrine functions. Other benefits include improving skin texture, curing headaches, regulating hormones, and promoting digestive health. Amethyst physical health benefits can be experienced when you wear the crystal regularly while keeping the gem close to your body.  But Amethyst Healing Benefits are not only restricted to physical aid but also help in improving mental health. Amethysts are said to promote serenity and calm in an individual, allowing them to take better decisions in their life. So, if you are someone who is often stuck with issues like confusion, anger, and depression, you can choose Amethyst for yourself. Other Amethyst mental health benefits include fighting off anxiety and perceptions of pain.  
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How To Wear Amethyst Jewelry – 

Before getting your hands on any jewelry piece, it is always better to know how to wear your gemstone jewelry so that it can best help you. To gain such benefits through any gemstone, you must keep it intact with your skin all the time so that its strong vibrational powers can easily get absorbed. Thus, the best way to experience the metaphysical properties of amethyst is to wear it in the form of a ring. Amethyst Rings are not just classy and sassy in style but also is one of the best methods to keep the stone close without worrying too much.  But since you are planning to wear it daily, we suggest that you pair your gem with a durable metal that doesn’t scratch easily. For such cases, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry is the right choice, and resistant to basic scratches. Also, the silvery sheen of the metal complements well with the multiple attires, and you do not need to think much about pairing your jewelry daily. Thus, it is a great fashion saver and useful for regular wear. Apart from this, sterling silver is quite economical and allows everyone to cherish their favorite jewelry pieces. 

Steal The Spotlight – Styling Amethyst Jewelry

Get the best of luxurious feel with the best of Sterling Silver Amethyst Jewelry designs that we have hand picked for you to style your charm. Then, get the purple stunner for yourself that is sure to amp up your look in the most astonishing manner. 

Glamorous Amethyst Necklace 

The prominence of this purple wonder looks stunning in the statement designs. Flaunt your neckline with the cocktail-sized Amethyst Necklace and create an impression the first time you enter the room. When flashed on your neck, the glamorous violet tint makes a stunning appeal that is perfect for carrying on your evening parties. The unusual color attracts tons of attention from the onlookers and is apt when you want the spotlight on you. Dazzle everyone with your unique charm and create an impression that lasts forever. 

Eye-Catching Amethyst Earrings

The bright purple color of Amethyst Earrings instantly adds a finishing touch to your face. Brighten up your festive glow with a fine pair of Amethyst dazzlers and astonish everyone with a bold look. You can carry these little sparklers in your everyday jewelry, and they are perfect for boosting your confidence by styling your attires in a glamorous way. Whether you carry them at your workplace or flash them in casual gatherings, you are sure to flatter everyone with your effortless fashion. Also, the crystal’s impressive clarity and considerable durability allow you to shine it off regularly. People love to carry it in large dramatic designs and vintage pieces. 

Statement Amethyst Ring

The trend of statement jewelry has taken over the world for good. People today are much more delved into big chunky pieces that speak for the outgoing personality of their wearer. Also, the flashing colors of multiple gemstones look great in statement designs. The same is the case with amethyst, and jewelry enthusiasts only adore its beauty in bold designs. For this reason, Amethyst Rings have recently gained much popularity as they exude a sense of perfection when carrying on special events.  Also Read:- Write for us Technology Also Read:- technology write for us Also Read:- write for us tech If you are a fan of effortless styling that naturally outlines your personality, you are going to love the glittering shine of cocktail Amethyst Rings. You can carry it with your evening gowns, office attires, casual dresses, and other seasonal clothing fashion. Thus, you can confidently choose these Amethyst cocktail rings for yourself.  

Unique Tips For Styling Amethyst Jewelry 

You can try and enhance your look by playing with purple shades of the crystal. In addition, the mauve color of the crystal goes well with other shades like indigo, blue, and pink. Thus, you can pair it up with a mix of multiple Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry to create a new look every time you wear your jewels. Of course, wearing it solo is already bliss, but combining it with the extra sparkle of other crystals will be a showstopper in any event.  Coming on to the attires, you can slay it both in contrast to add a pop of color and also in subtleness to transform your look simplistically:
  1. Add liveliness to your basic black-and-white outfits with a hint of luxurious purple.
  2. You can combine it with your glamorous evening dresses to ooze a statement of perfection.
  3. Get a piece of enticing Amethyst Jewelry to sparkle your subtle jewelry pieces and create an excellent impression on every event. 

Amethyst Costing – What You Can Expect

The value of any gemstone varies according to its multiple features such as color, size, and clarity. In the case of Amethyst, the dark-hued crystals remain much rare and thus they are slightly higher priced. Even though the Amethyst Jewelry Costing has become more economical over the years since those early days of extreme rarity, it remains a popular gemstone till date. But to answer the question – “how much is Amethyst worth?” we have to check for the supply and demand of the stone in the present time. As you can say that since the rick, darker-hued crystals are rare to find and have more demand in the market, their value rises. While on the other hand, you may find some other Authentic Amethyst Crystals in economical pricing that are maybe smaller in size or have a pale tint. 
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Amethyst is a versatile crystal that isn’t restricted to just ever-trending jewelry fashion but carries a vibe that will stay for a long time. If you, too, are enamored by the sparkling beauty of this gorgeous purple crystal, then you can find yourself some exquisite designs of Amethyst Jewelry. Experiment with your styling by getting a catch on the handpicked designs of your favorite styles. You can get various simplistic and bold designs finely crafted with pure 925 Sterling Silver.  Also, you can choose your metal color and adjust the appeal of your jewelry according to your preference. Choose a suitable option from 18kt gold vermeil, 18kt rose-gold vermeil, and 925 Sterling Silver. This makes your accessories customized according to your needs. Shop now.  Author bio: Hello, I am a professional SEO Expert & Write for us Technology blog and submit a guest posts on different platforms- we provides a good opportunity for content writers to submit guest posts on our website. We frequently highlight and tend to showcase guests.
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