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Aquamarine – Meaning, Birthstone, Price, and Healing Properties

Calming and Serene; are some of the thoughts that hover in our minds when we talk about the beauty of ever sparkling Aquamarine Gemstones. Prized with the tag of beautiful March Birthstone, its cool summer tones effectively vibe with the weather and March month feels. The coveted and gorgeous gem resembles the sparkling ocean on a sun-kissed day and instantly refreshes our souls. Likewise, the slow-changing weather in March, slowly drifting away the winter chills and welcoming the warm fuzzy feels of summer, soothes us in a way. This is exactly what Aquamarine provides us in a single glance and leaves us mesmerized in awe.  The gorgeous sparkler scores 10/10 in looks, but it is more than just mere heart-stopping looks. Thus, we have come up with a guide that will acknowledge everything about Aquamarine Crystal – Its meaning, birthstone, price, and healing properties. So dive into the article to catch up on quick facts about blue beauty. 

What Does Aquamarine Mean?

Aquamarine comes from the Latin words “Aqua” and “Marine,” which means seawater. The gem’s color justifies its name aptly and generally ranges from pale blue to blue-green or teal blue. Aquamarine Meaning varies according to the perspective you are looking from. If we count on the legends and folklore, we can find exciting symbolism and powers of the gem. In several ancient cultures, people believed that Aquamarines filled the treasure chest of mermaids. The mermaids were said to be so fascinated with the crystal’s beauty that sailors would exchange these gems in exchange for a safe passage across stormy seas.  Often people associate Aquamarine Symbolism and significance with reuniting of love, loyalty, friendship, and courage. Another interesting belief about the crystal mentions the astonishing powers of Aquamarine to protect against deceit. People strongly assume that the gem changes color according to the wearer’s honesty. So, if they were dishonest, the gem would take a darker hue. All these legends gave a different meaning to the gem according to its purpose.

Metaphysical Properties of Aquamarine 

Just like other Gemstone Jewelry, Aquamarine Jewelry is also adored for providing incredible healing benefits from its unique metaphysical properties. You can find your flow with the sublime spiritual side of the sea stone. It benefits those who want to foresee their future and deepen their relationship with the universe. Also, by soothing our minds, it constantly reminds us of how much important it is to have a quiet space for ourselves aside from our hectic schedule. Its serene powers help its wearer to connect with their inner self and attain a new level of satisfaction of being there in the present moment.  It sharpens and upscales our intuitive skills allowing us to make better and wise decisions in our life. Bringing a sense of peace, it facilitates happiness and prosperity in your life. You can experience the benefits of aquamarine stone by keeping a piece of fine Aquamarine Jewelry intact with your skin. This allows an accessible and efficient flow of powerful vibrations of the healing crystal inside your body. Stay better attuned to the prophecy and peace around in your surroundings. Since Aquamarine activates the throat chakra, it brings clarity to your speech, allowing you to communicate confidently without facing any difficulties or barriers. Step out for clear-headed communication and express yourself as you have always imagined. 

Mental and Emotional Health Benefits 

Apart from just spiritual benefits, Aquamarine healing properties help you with multiple mental and physical health benefits. It is known to reduce stress and bring calm to your life. Also, the fabulous blue sparkler promotes courage and happiness and is perfect for all those who have been seeking for something that can keep their worries at bay. Curing various psychological disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, and depression, it aids you in coming out of negativity and keeps a check on the minds that are always on the loose. Maintaining balance in your emotions, it invites you to plunge into happiness and remain calm in hard times. 

Amethyst Physical Health Benefits 

Amethyst’s Physical Health Benefits also remain unmatched over time. As a throat chakra stone, it helps treat various throat-related issues and soothes sore throats. You can expect assistance in multiple throat-related diseases like thyroid when you regularly wear Sterling Silver Aquamarine Jewelry. Also, it helps you with strong eyesight and brings life, light, and vision back to tired eyes. It is a brilliant immune system booster, helps your body fight diseases, and keeps you protected. A rare regulator of hormones, Aquamarine masters in regulating your bodily hormones well.  
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Birthstone Bliss 

March Birthstone Aquamarine has the perfect blue-green glimmer for Pisces people or March babies. The zodiac sign already possesses fish as its symbol, and the gem is all about water. The allure and blue color of the gem complete a Pisces. People with this zodiac sign are creative and generous in nature. But while the expression of one’s thoughts is excellent, sometimes one needs help to keep their emotions from spiraling down. Wearing Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry helps regulate temperate moods and keeps a check on your changing mood patterns.  March people have nature that is as easy-going as water and are shapeshifter who easily blends in among the crowd. Although this power can make them easily adjust, it sometimes means that they often find it difficult to amplify their voice and be heard. Aquamarine Birthstone can help you clear out your communication and express yourself confidently so that you are getting listened to correctly. Aquamarine is that cool water lapping at the shore that invites you to plunge in to cool your inner heart and find fabulous refreshment in the depths. 

How to Wear Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry?

To experience the magnificent healing properties of birthstones, you must include them in your life properly. The best way to indulge in these vibrations is by keeping them intact with your skin. For gemstones to emit and you to absorb their powers, the connection between their surface and your body must be constant. Thus, the best way to wear any birthstone jewelry is in the form of a ring. Since it is one of the most versatile accessories that are easy to carry everywhere and doesn’t need to get separated while remaining intact on your skin, it is the best way to attain the benefits.  Aquamarine Rings are suggested and worn from both an astrological perspective and birthstone benefits to get the crystal’s true essence. Another reason a ring is much better than any other accessory is that it doesn’t get affected by the style of attire you carry. Additional accessories like Aquamarine Necklace or Earrings might get separated because of your clothes and designs.  While the crystal in the ring always remains touched with the skin of your finger, and thus its energies are much more potent in nature. Since the gem ranges around 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, you can easily carry it on your hands without worrying about it getting easily scratched. However, it would be best if you did not forget to take precautionary measures for its sparkle and dazzle. 

What is The Best Metal To Wear Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry? 

You must wear Birthstone Jewelry regularly to experience its actual effects. Thus, it would be best if you had a metal that is strong, durable, economical, and resistant to primary daily wear scratches. Therefore, nothing can compete with the brilliance of pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry in this case. 925 Sterling Silver is the perfect fit as you can easily carry it regularly without wondering about its endurance power.  Furthermore, it is durable enough to last with you for generations and has a subtle silvery sheen that compliments well with the refreshing blue of Aquamarine. Also, sterling silver has its own benefits that add to the birthstone’s advantages. The silver shade is perfect and suitable according to all skin shades and works out perfectly with multiple attires without you having to consider matching it. Last but not least, it is super economical, allowing everyone to adore its beauty and sparkle. Thus, its regular usage won’t leave you wondering about its safety. 
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Tips To Style Aquamarine With Confidence

Experiment With Your Style

Aquamarine looks super stylish when paired with some bold-colored outfits. So be daring and get bold to try and experiment with your look by mixing Aquamarine Jewelry with other colored attires. For instance, you can pair Aquamarine Earrings in contrast with a vibrant red dress for a distinctive look. 

Say No To Multiple Gemstone Jewelry

The soothing appeal of Aquamarine doesn’t allow it to share its spotlight with any other gemstone. Thus do not try flaunting it with different-colored gemstone jewelry. Having multiple jewels on one outfit can have a cluttered effect and look awful. Instead, let the blue sparkler shine bright alone on its own. 

Simple Designs are the Key

Avoid wearing heavily patterned outfits that lower down the shine of our blue beauty. Heavily printed outfits will hinder the glitter of the gem and make your look appear messy. Thus, accent your plain summer dresses with Aquamarine Jewelry to look your best. 

How Much is Aquamarine Worth?

Aquamarine Cost has significantly increased over the years because of the growth in its popularity. Like any other natural gemstone, Aquamarine crystals also range in size; thus, their price varies. Other factors that contribute to the crystal’s overall price trend are its clarity, color, and rarity. A clear, see-through appearance and deep coloring make the pricing more competitive. Another significant factor that affects its pricing is the demand and supply of the crystal. Often, dark-colored crystals are rare to find, and thus their value is comparatively much higher than that of light-toned jewels.  Also Read:- Write for us Technology Also Read:- technology write for us Also Read:- write for us tech While checking on how much aquamarine is worth, you must also check whether the gem chosen is natural or synthetic. You might easily find some crystals that imitate the shine and luster of real ones but are lab-grown. These gemstones usually cost much less in pricing and are readily available. Thus, when purchasing a suitable crystal for yourself, you must also check for the gem’s authenticity. Again, you can find a wide variety in pricing, starting from economical to some of the most precious and highly valued Aquamarine pieces, depending on their cut, clarity, and color. 


So, now that you know everything about Aquamarine and its beauty has tempted you just like us to the very bit, then don’t hold yourself back. You can find some of the exquisite styles of Aquamarine Jewelry which is finely crafted with pure 925 Sterling Silver. Also, they provide you with multiple options in metal color, including18kt gold vermeil, 18kt rose-gold vermeil, and pure 925 Sterling Silver. This will help you adjust the appeal of your jewelry according to its usage, and you can cherish your accessories just the way you like.  You can find your suitable pick from stylish necklaces to classy Aquamarine Earrings; each design is crafted keeping in mind the individual needs of the wearer. You can browse through the delicate pieces to some of the elegant statement pieces. Explore the handpicked selection of astonishing Gemstone Jewelry now.  Author bio: Hello, I am a professional SEO Expert & Write for us Technology blog and submit a guest posts on different platforms- we provides a good opportunity for content writers to submit guest posts on our website. We frequently highlight and tend to showcase guests.
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