THE NOVEMBER BIRTHSTONE: The Dazzling Citrine and Its Properties

“There comes when individuals become weary of being pushed out of the sparkling daylight of life’s July and left remaining in the midst of the piercing chill of a snow capped November.”

We as a whole are in wonder of November’s late harvest time shine. The season that is intertwined with shades of red, yellow — and obviously orange! Amusingly, November birthstone variety is the ideal and symbolic gemstone for this season.

“What is the November Birthstone?” Meet the enthralling Citrine. Here’s beginning and end you really want to be aware of this amber-implanted charmer.


The Citrine is the authority November birthstone. This excellence is known as the stone of joy, euphoria, overflow, and individual will. In the event that you’re tied in with ‘showing,’ this is the most impressive fit for you. Many say that essentially wearing this stone will cheer you up and assist you with effectively accomplishing your objectives. For this reason ladies all around the world love to wear Citrine jewelry. It’s likewise suggested that you keep a Citrine in the “riches” corner of your home or business in a “cash box” — and let those powers become possibly the most important factor.

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Since the beginning of time, Citrines were regarded for their striking excellence and brightness. This birthstone for November likewise represented the warm, brilliant sun and the imperativeness of life. The November birthstone’s tone incorporates lively yellow shades and complex lucidity — which addresses a solid psyche and body.

One more fun reality about the November birthstone, Citrine, is that it stirs innovativeness and creative mind. That being said, specialists and creatives the same hold this stone close.


How about we jump into the historical backdrop of the November birthstone. Citrine has been utilized for millennia. Both the Roman Catholic and Latin variants of the Hebrew Scriptures allude to the Citrine birthstone as the ‘chrysolitus’ — also known as “gold stone.” Strangely, this pearl was supposed to be one of the twelve stones on the breastplate of Aaron. In the Greek Age (350 BC – 150 BC), the Old Greeks involved the stone as a design.

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This harvest time shaded magnificence got wind in the seventeenth hundred years and its notoriety developed hugely. The Scottish involved Citrines for the handles of their blades and swords. The Excavators’ days were made on the off chance that they tracked down an enormous citrine gem.

While jewels and sapphires ruled in the nineteenth hundred years, the Citrine birthstone’s excellence actually appeared on the other side. This birthstone for November got back in the saddle and was generally utilized in jewelry. The soar request was reasonable because of Sovereign Victoria’s affection for bright gemstones. This brought about it turning into the legally approved stone of the rich and well known.

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The Citrine arrived at its pinnacle of global popularity during the Workmanship Deco period. In addition to the fact that it was the eye-catcher in emotional jewelry, it was an adornment in apparel, inside plan, and furniture

Today, worldwide big names like Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, and Jessica Chastain have decorated this November birthstone.

CITRINE Medical advantages

Fun reality: The birthstone for November touches off energy in your body, which can turn around degenerative illnesses and advance substance adjusts. It likewise invigorates assimilation, nullifies kidney and bladder contaminations, further develops blood dissemination, and detoxifies your body.

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Today, the top nations where Citrines are found incorporate Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico and Uruguay. In particular, Bolivia is a problem area for regular, unheated citrine.


Incredible news about the November birthstone — it’s sturdy enough for ordinary wear and care. Positioning a strong 7 on the Mohs size of hardness, they can be cleaned in a ultrasonic machine or with warm, lathery water. It’s in every case great to continue in favor of mindfulness and go with the last option.

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Right when you thought Citrine was the just birthstone for November — unexpected development — there’s the Topaz. This magnificence comes in a rainbow that incorporates: white, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown, and in uncommon cases — red. The word topaz comes from the Sanskrit tapas, and that implies fire.

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Implications related with this gemstone incorporate excellence and insight. Over the entire course of time, Greeks, Europeans, and Russian proclaimed it for its solidarity and quality. The Topaz are essentially tracked down in Brazil and in Northwestern Pakistan (pink Topaz). To channel your internal excellence, shop our Blue Topaz and White Topaz assortments.

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