Cost of Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire gemstone On the web

Gems are valuable and we frequently see individuals estimating about the cost of genuine and Colored Gemstones. Yellow Sapphire is a valuable gemstone of the well known Navratna series. Managed by the biggest planet of our nearby planet group, Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj is most popular for its unprecedented mending properties. It is a favorable and profoundly esteemed gemstone in the wide celestial field.

These days we hold gigantic choices to Purchase gemstones online at the most cutthroat cost. Nonetheless, prior to continuing further to Purchase a yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) on the web or from a neighborhood diamond setter, we ought to concentrate on the value assurance of its cost. As at times because of the absence of legitimate information, we were unable to assess the cost of a diamond. Typical individuals are frequently deceived and conned by joke artists in regards to the genuine cost.

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Here we want to break down how the cost of a gemstone gets determined. Prior to purchasing any piece of valuable stone we ought to investigate every one of the accessible choices to make the best attentiveness. 

Today, we have endeavored here to compose this little piece of instructive article that might be useful to you to purchase a genuine yellow sapphire stone at the most sensible and certifiable cost. In our past web journals, we have likewise depicted the rudiments of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone and subtleties of How and For what reason to wear a yellow sapphire stone.

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Other than the famous 4 c’s boundaries i.e., cut, variety, lucidity, and carat, of a gemstone, Yellow sapphire or normal Pukhraj Stone costs are all still up in the air based on its starting point, weight, treatment, and obviously the quality. It falls in a wide range of $25 to $5,000 per carat or ₹ 2,000 to ₹ at least 1,00,000 relying on the quality.


Sri Lankan or Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are the most pursued and premium quality Pukhraj stones. Attributable to the uncommon variety and clearness, these Ceylon-started Yellow Sapphires range between $350 to $1,000 though Bangkok and Thailand Yellow Sapphires are relatively more conservative costing approx. $ 75 i.e., ₹ 5,250.

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Unheated and untreated Yellow Sapphires are far more valuable than manufactured, synthetically treated, glass-filled, or lab-made variations. Counterfeit intensity therapies are finished with bad quality examples for better tone and consistency to swell their market cost. In any case, such assortments of yellow sapphire gemstones are neither solid nor helpful on the visionary ground. In this manner, it is constantly prescribed to just buy guaranteed Pukhraj or yellow sapphires from confided in sellers.

Cut, Variety, Clearness, and Carat Weight

Perfect and straightforward bits of Yellow Sapphire expense tolls more than other valuable gemstones. Notwithstanding, more measure of considerations reduce their generally per-carat esteem. A splendid canary or lemon-yellow tone with a decent consistency is considered far superior to one conveying a color of orange, gold, or green.

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Carat weight or size makes a major contrast in the cost of a gemstone. The expansion in the heaviness of a cleaner Pukhraj fundamentally indicates a greater size and in the end, its per-carat cost. How a gemstone is reduced gets reflected in its costs. As a rule, a faceted cut yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is valued above round, oval, or pad cut yellow Sapphire.

Essentially, Pukhraj or yellow sapphire gemstones are categorized into four fundamental sorts with regards to their cost.

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Standard Yellow Sapphire – This is an ordinary category of yellow sapphire that emerges in the red-orange shade and falls between 800 to 1000 rupees for every carat. Being financial plan amicable, they don’t cause an additional weight on the pocket of the wearer.

Best Quality Yellow Sapphire gemstones – These sorts of Pukhraj gems have less volume of considerations in contrast with standard ones. They hold an incredible variety, which is referred to for better horoscopic results as compared to ordinary and standard yellow sapphires. They range from 2,500 to 4,000 Rupees for each carat.

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High-grade Yellow Sapphire with very little expansion (VVS) – They rank high regarding cut, variety, quality, clearness, treatment, and straightforwardness. Because of alarming cuts and uncommon medicines, it cost around 10,000 to 15,000 for each carat. By and large, this superior quality Pushparagam Stone is eminent for its astounding recuperating powers. VVS Sapphires show no lines or defects inside and welcome a positive effect on the existence of their wearer.

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Very Prime Grade Yellow Sapphire Stones – These are the best yellow sapphires in their category. Per carat of their cost might run from Rupees 30,000 to 50,000 for each carat. This super-exceptional quality is very intriguing to find as other than advancing quality factors, it possesses incredible properties and no considerations.

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